Analigner® is a UK registered partnership that provides additional knowledge of value to anyone studying or using modern Computing for professional, business or leisure purposes. We are an independent self-publisher of unusual knowledge of Computing in e-Book form. Click here to view our trademark registration details.

Fergus Sweeney is our lead partner and the designer of Analigner®. He graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics from Queen's University of Belfast (QUB), and has 30 plus years of practical hands-on experience working with large enterprises in Aviation, Banking, Computing, Financial Services, Petrochemicals, State and Semi-State Bodies, and Telecommunications. In his work he has travelled extensively in the EU, Ireland, Middle East, UK, and USA. Click here to view Fergus' career to date.

Marilyn Sweeney is a partner and a graduate in Biological Science from Queen's University of Belfast (QUB). In her work she has travelled extensively in Ireland, the Middle East, and UK.