Software coding is part of a larger process referred to as software development, which converts human knowledge into computer code and data on a global scale.

Analigner® is unique in that we reveal the secrets of software coding and development using plain English.

Analigner is:

(1) Someone with the combined core skills of an Analyst, Designer, and a software Coder,

(2) An organiser of knowledge for reuse in Education, Business, or Computing,

(3) A methodology, a system of methods for documenting specific knowledge or activity for any purpose,

(4) A better rulebook for the development of modern software,

(5) The combination of all of the above.

Our Knowledge is:

A unique set of concepts described in plain English,

Of value to anyone and everyone in the new Digital Age,

In addition to that provided in schools, colleges, and universities,

The basis of a strong case against use of the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning,

Based on an academic background in Computing, and 30 plus years of practical hands-on experience working with large enterprises in Aviation, Banking, Computing, Financial Services, Petrochemicals, State and Semi-State Bodies, and Telecommunications, across the EU, Ireland, Middle East, UK, and USA.

A good education will make you a living, but our knowledge will open up your mind even more and lead you to new opportunities.

Our e-Book is:

A container of unusual knowledge, which we want to share with young people for their benefit now, and others in the future,

Written in plain English and well-structured from higher to progressively lower levels of detail,

Accessible using Acrobat Reader provided free of charge by Adobe.

Contact-us if you require more information regarding our knowledge or how you can acquire it.