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Fergus Sweeney
the original designer
For young people, individuals and enterprises
this raises the key question,
how do they protect their knowledge
and engage in a software-driven future ?

They can answer this by

- Acquiring knowledge of value in the market place

- Choosing knowledge that is difficult to codify.

- Knowing how knowledge should be codified when needed

- Understanding that automation of software coding will increase significantly over time

- Controlling disclosure and legal protection of knowledge when appropriate.
- Provides protection in a software-driven future through disclosure of how knowledge should be codified.

- Gives young people, individuals and enterprises competitive advantage by showing them how to  significantly improve system analysis
and design, the preceding steps to both manual and automated software coding.
- Subtly combines and enhances the skills of analysts and designers, and is taught through a personalised course under an affordable license
Contact Fergus Sweeney the original designer of Analigner® to discover the secrets of software systems and help secure your future in the new
Digital Age.

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ANALIGNER® pronounced an_align_er
Software drives the technologies that now hold the future of our world.
Software development is a process for capturing and codifying human knowledge.
The knowledge is identified and explained by Domain Analysis.
How the knowledge should be codified is described by System Design.
It is not possible to produce high-quality software systems without full understanding of the knowledge to be codified and also the
subtle combination of analysis and design.
Knowledge is skills or information acquired through education or experience.
Our past,                                                          present,      and future ?
Jan 1992 – Present
Position: Independent Business IT Adviser / Practitioner
Partnership: IndeCo (Independent Consulting Services, N. Ireland)

Skills: Independent Advice and Support, Software Systems Review, Project Leadership
Business Analysis, Forward and Reverse Software Engineering

Business Sectors:
Aviation, Banking, Electricity, Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications,
and Software Systems Development

Bank of Ireland UK, Czech Republic Central Telecommunications Office and Ministry of Finance,
Eircom Ireland (now Eir), ESB Ireland National Grid (now EirGrid) and Customer Supply (now
Electric Ireland), Halifax Bank UK,
Northwest Airlines USA (now Delta), Poland Central Statistics Office,
Slovak Republic Ministry of Finance, Ulster Bank Markets Ireland, UNCTAD
May 1980 – Jan 1991
Position: Senior Consultant
Company: Logica Plc. (London, UK, now LogicaCMG)

Roles: Consultant, Project Leader, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Systems
Designer, Team Leader, Computer Programmer and Database Administrator

Business Sectors: Banking, Financial Services, Government, and Petrochemicals.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company,
UK Manpower Services Commission (now Learning and Skills Council),

Assignments in the City of London:
Barclays Bank International, Midland Bank International (now HSBC),
National Westminster Bank (now RBS Group), and
UBS Phillips & Drew (now UBS AG)
Apr 1979 – Sep 1979   
Position: Systems Analyst and Programmer
Company: C.A.C.I. Ireland (Consolidated Analysis Center Inc.)        
Assigned to:
Education and training in system analysis and design best practices & standards.
Apr 1977 – Mar 1979  
Position: Systems Analyst and Programmer
Company: Short Brothers (Belfast, UK, now Bombardier)  
Assigned to:
Development of aircraft production control systems.
2020 ...
Providing an innovative and evolutionary
alternative to the status quo.
Fergus Sweeney B.Sc. Computer Science and Mathematics (QUB)
is an independent digital systems expert with 30+ years of experience
in the UK, Ireland and overseas.
He was born in Northern Ireland, and is now living back in County Down.
Oct 1976 – Mar 1977   
Newry High School (N. Ireland)
Position: Temporary Mathematics Teacher